Kathryn Apel Not Kathryn Apple

Yesterday the whole school got to see Kathryne Apel. The most awesome poem Author in the world. She told us what to do when writing a poem and how to make shape poems. Do you want to see some of her best work? Then here is a picture.


Do you want to hear about what is going on in kathryn Apel’s life? Then click one of these words that are blue. Blog  website l  about her life.

A Very Plane Blog Post.

Do you want to know about paper planes more then click this link and the world record holder for paper planes will talk about paper planes, click this paper plane information.

Today I will be throwing my 2 paper planes I think my first plane will go really far but not fly for that long of a time but I think my 2nd plane will not go that far but fly for a long time.

I have thrown the planes and they are flying throw the air like a jet, the distance is………………………………..I am actually not sure just wait a few hours and I will figure it out.

Here is a photo of my planes and its measurements.


Spelling, Yes I Am Spelling!

This week 5B have been spelling, yay, so far I have only got 1 10 out of 10 in all the spelling I have done in 4 weeks well that’s 4 spelling tests.

I have learnt that I am not the best at spelling but I also learnt that it is  easier to spell if you close your eyes and say the word slowly.



The Play Of The Day

Run! The bully monster is coming!!!

Today all the grade 5 and 6s watched the Human Race Play. It told me that you shouldn’t bully and don’t cheat but always be brave and to be kind to every one no matter who they are. There was only 2 actors but they were really good actors because they had to be 2 people each so they had to change clothes really quickly.